James O’Brien: I Predict Corbyn Will Be Prime Minister… Here’s Why

28 September 2017, 11:22 | Updated: 28 September 2017, 14:37

Barring some astonishing act, James O’Brien predicts Jeremy Corbyn will one day prime minister - here’s why.

The Labour leader was given a rock star’s welcome as he closed the Labour conference in Brighton on Wednesday.

Mr Corbyn said his party stands “on the threshold of power” because his policies are “what most people in our country actually want”.

During his 75-minute speech, he also told delegates “we are now the political mainstream” and Labour was a “government-in-waiting”.

Reacting to the speech on his LBC show, James made a prediction: “Take this with a pinch of salt but I think Corbyn will be prime minister.

“Barring some astonishing act or intervention I can’t quite see how it won’t happen now.

“Because as the Brexit mess gets bigger, the tendency of the right-wing Tory party, the sort of Johnson, Fox, Davis axis to tug them ever further towards the cliff edge rather than admitting a mistake, pride and ego will lead them towards a hard exit - a hard exit is a disaster.

“Jeremy Corbyn is putting together a Brexit plan, they don’t have one, and therefore perhaps, in fact probably, this strange ground-swell of support that you’ve seen across the country will translate into parliamentary seats.”

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