James O'Brien: David Davis' Department Admitted He Knows Nothing About Brexit

25 January 2018, 17:16 | Updated: 26 January 2018, 06:57

David Davis was speaking in front of the Comiittee to Leave the EU and James had a few things to say about the Brexit secretary's performance.

James O'Brien believes that David Davis is "denying reality" after a disasterous appearance in front of the Committee to Leave the EU yesterday.

James said that during his committee appearance yesterday David Davis "admitted to almost unbelievable levels of ignorance during the entire campaign" in an epic rant on LBC. 

He said that yesterday's committee appearance by Davis was "genuinely astonishing." 

During the meeting, David Davis distanced himself from comments he made during the campaign about what he expected to happen if the leave campaign won.

James O'Brien
James O'Brien. Picture: LBC

Hillary Benn quoted David Davis own words back to him saying that during the campaign Davis had said that "within two years we can negotiate a trade area massively larger than the EU." 

"I would expect the Prime Minister to immediately trigger a large round of global trade deals, I would expect that the negotiation phase would be concluded" within the two year period. Davis replied "that was then, this is now" whilst laughing. 

James told his listeners that the clip explains everything about the Brexit process. Firstly, "the laughter," secondly the "sound of him chewing gum as he explains how he could support a campaign supporting leave whilst blithely admitting that he didn't understand the most basic of prerequisites to that process." 

O'Brien went on to remind listeners of his tweets Davis had written during the campaign in which he stated that the first thing that would happen after Brexit is a trade deal with German. Something you cannot do. 

James finished by saying Davis didn't "understand the most basic principle of post Brexit negotiations" during the campaign and now "he is in charge of the negotiation process." 

He finished by saying that David Davis was "denying reality."