James O'Brien Debunks Every Reason Brexiters Have To Hate The EU

13 March 2019, 11:46

Why do Brexiters hate the European Union so much? James O'Brien debunked all their arguments one-by-one.

Ahead of tonight's vote about whether we should have a no-deal Brexit, James asked why people despised the European Union quite so much.

And he had a simple answer: the "anti-elites" who own the Ritz and the Daily Telegraph told them to.

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: "This is not a good day for anybody. Don't let the losers portray the people who have been proved right as winners. We are all losers."

Describing the arguments of the Brexiters, he continued: "It all comes down to defining yourself by what you hate, not by what you do or what you are.

"Who are you? I'm anti-EU.

"What does that mean? It means they're bad and I'm good.

"Why are they bad? ............."

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

James went through their arguments, picking them off one-by-one.

It's not democratic: "Who voted for Geoffrey Cox to be Attorney General?"

They impose their laws: "Which laws? How many times as the United Kingdom representatives resisted legislation that ended up on our statute books?"

It costs a fortune: "It costs less than a Kit-kat for you."

His monologue is a tour de force. Watch it at the top of the page.