James O'Brien Demolishes Claims We Need 'Dunkirk Spirit' To Make Brexit A Success

2 August 2017, 10:32 | Updated: 2 August 2017, 10:54

This is James O'Brien's epic takedown of Brexiteers' claim that Britain needs the 'Dunkirk Spirit' to make leaving the EU a success.

Allison Pearson wrote in the Daily Telegraph that, for Brexit to work, we need 'Dunkirk spirit' not 'Naysaying Nellies'.

But pointing out that even Churchill described Dunkirk as a disaster, James ridiculed the notion that it will get us through these times.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "People that told us it was going to be easy and enriching and the most natural and liberating thing in history are now saying you need the spirit of Dunkirk to get through it.

"Dunkirk. Described by Churchill as a disaster. And you have now or the idea that we have to invoke the spirit of Dunkirk to get through something that was supposed to be really easy and make is richer.

"But again you know I'm just the lonely weathervane pointing at reality, while everybody else is chomping on nonsense.

"The idea that the same people who told you that this thing was going to be brilliant are now telling you that actually we need to be a bit like we were when we undertook the biggest military evacuation in the history of Britain. Eh?

"Well hang on, either it's brilliant or it's a bit like the biggest military evacuation in the history of the United Kingdom. Which one is it?

"Because if we need to invoke the spirit of Dunkirk, that's about retreating, that's about stepping away from a mess, that is about fleeing, hopefully to return? So what's that got to do with Brexit?"