James O'Brien Dismantles The Final Arguments From Brexiteers

8 September 2017, 11:37 | Updated: 8 September 2017, 12:29

James O'Brien said all evidence that Brexit could possibly succeed has disappeared.

Indeed, even Leave voters have gone from saying Brexit would be great to saying "We'll survive", he said.

Responding to reports that the government had asked FTSE100 bosses to sign a letter backing the government's negotiating strategy, James boomed: "That's North Korean, isn't it?

"It would be like me saying please give me a ring and tell me that I'm brilliant and then we can use it to prove that I'm brilliant. It doesn't prove anything of the sort, it just proves I've asked lots of people to tell me that I'm brilliant.

James O&squot;Brien: "The unicorns aren&squot;t coming, we know that now"
James O'Brien: "The unicorns aren't coming, we know that now". Picture: LBC

"Writing to FTSE100 chief executives, saying "Please, please approve of our Brexit strategy". Do you know how I'd reply?

"Dear Mrs May, I am unable to sign the letter praising your Brexit negotiating position because I agree with everything you said about the European Union during the referendum campaign. Lots of love, Chief Executive Officer, FTSE100 company."

James also discussed how Brexiteers are complaining that the EU are tough negotiators, who are ruthlessly defending the interests of the other EU countries - and suggested that's the opposite of what they said during the campaign.

Watch his epic monologue above.