James O'Brien Demolition Of Boris Johnson Is Electric

8 June 2018, 12:07

James O'Brien didn't hold back as he tore into Boris Johnson for his lying and scheming.

Speaking of Boris Johnson, James said: "He is a man who has lied to every employer he has ever had, a man who has demonstrated weapons-grade disloyalty to every leader under whom he has ever served.

"A man who has lied to both of his wives and all of his mistresses.

"A man who apparently dreams of leading and could lead, enjoys the support of the grassroots of the Conservative Party that is supposed to care about family values but somehow continues a ludicrous love affair with a man who has a love child running around west London."

James O'Brien didn't hold back on Boris Johnson
James O'Brien didn't hold back on Boris Johnson. Picture: LBC / PA

But it was Mr Johnson's comments about Winston Churchill backing anti-Nazism as a career move is what really irked James.

"This is actually disgusting," he said. "This is actually indicative of a man who looks at the greatest Prime Minister this country has ever had and sees a chancer. He sees an opportunist. He sees a self-interested gambler trying to put himself on the right side of history.

"He doesn't see a man who smelt much earlier than most just how rancid the stench coming from 1930s Germany was. He doesn't see a man who actually put his political future on the line by standing up so robustly and so completely, not only to Nazism but to attempts in this country to appease Nazism.

"This is what he wrote: 'Churchill put his shirt on a horse called anti-Nazism and his bet came off in spectacular fashion'.

"So Johnson's narcissism is so complete so utterly over-arching, he cannot even conceive of Winston Churchill's opposition to Hitler being a matter of pure principle. He cannot even imagine that somebody could stand up to something as vile as Nazism without self-interest being the key constituent of that position."