James O'Brien Destroys Argument That We Should Walk Away From Brexit Negotiations

8 March 2019, 07:15

James O'Brien gave a perfect explanation of how Brexiters' idea that we should be able to walk away from negotiations is complete nonsense.

A number of Leave supporters insist that the UK needs to be able to walk away from talks with the EU if we're getting a bad deal. They say that's what you'd do if you don't like the deal to buy a new car or house.

But James pointed out why that analogy simply doesn't work.

He said: "People like Digby Jones are still making these claims that you've got to be able to walk away without ever acknowledging the most simple of simple facts. The simplest simple fact in the land of Simple Facts.

"When you walk away from any other negotiation, you walk back to where you started.

"When you don't buy a new car, you drive home in your old car.

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"When you pull out of plans to buy a new house, you stay in your current home, whether you're in your Mum's settee or whether you are in a home you already own. If you decide not to buy that food mixer, you go home.

"You do not arrive in a brand new universe with no car, no house and no food mixer."

James also pointed out that the backstop which is currently holding back Theresa May's deal was actually something that the UK requested in the first place.

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