James O'Brien Educates A Teacher On Lazy Political Language

28 June 2019, 15:17 | Updated: 28 June 2019, 15:20

During a call about school discipline, James O'Brien educated a teacher on the use of "lazy political language."

The caller said he had been a teacher for 21 years and had recently gone part time, he also told James that he was "more right wing than left wing."

When James asked him what he meant by his statement the teacher said "I just thought I'd say that because a lot of teachers are left wing."

"I don't," James said, "I just don't know what you mean by that."

The teacher said he meant he agrees more with "Conservative things than with Labour things."

When James O'Brien asked him "what sort of things?" The caller couldn't answer the question.

"Why do you do this?" James asked, "it's like my literal hobby is asking people what they mean when they use lazy political language. You must have some clue what you mean?"

The teacher replied that he wasn't "keen on people going on strike", but when questioned by James he said he was fine with teachers going on strike.

"Right, so you do approve of people going on strike if you think the reasons are sound," James said "you're exactly the same as me. Next example of how we're different."

Chuckling, the caller said: "I voted Brexit."

Teachers in one school in Birmingham have walked out over safety fears.
Teachers in one school in Birmingham have walked out over safety fears. Picture: PA

James had to admit the caller had him with that one. But, before he could carry on James wanted to know "why is that right wing?"

The teacher conceded that James was right on that account too.

"Jeremy Corbyn's the biggest Brexiteer in the country at the moment," James said, "so we're not having that as right wing."

But the teacher did have one point "like everyone in life could be called to do jury service, I think everyone should be called to do teacher service."

"That's a bit left wing," James said.

The caller said he had obviously been teaching too long.

"What do you teach, PE?" James quipped.

Seriously, James revealed his "road to Damascus" moment was when he did exactly what the caller is suggesting. He stood in a classroom and saw the problems faced by teachers, which caused him to change his mind.

Watch the entire exchange in the video at the top of the page, or click here to watch James O'Brien's passionate defence of striking teachers.