James O'Brien 'epitomises' Donald Trump with his coin toss theory

8 January 2021, 13:50

By Fiona Jones

James O'Brien puts forward this theory which 'epitomises' President Trump and explains why his supporters ended up sieging the US Capitol.

It comes after the unprecedented scenes in America on Wednesday, which saw a woman shot dead and four others die after pro-Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol.

Protesters sieged the building while Congress debated the Electoral College vote that gave Joe Biden the presidency.

Over the last year, James has developed the "coin toss" theory, of which he considers Trump and his supporters to be the ultimate personification.

"What these monsters do, they toss a coin and scream heads, and then they scream tails. However the coin lands they can keep their furiously hard of thinking base on side," James said.

Donald Trump's two markedly different responses to the riot in the space of 48 hours is an example of someone taking the coin toss theory "to the extreme", James said.

On Wednesday, James said, Donald Trump "called heads".

The President urged pro-Trump protesters to go home adding: "We love you, you’re all very special."

He doubled down on false claims that the election had been stolen from him: “I know your pain. I know you're hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election, and everyone knows it, especially the other side."

However, James said, he has since "shouted tails."

Trump has since issued a stronger statement, where he stated that he was "outraged" by the "heinous attack" on the US Capitol by his supporters.

He said rioters "defiled the seat of American democracy", telling them that "you do not represent our country" and "you will pay."

James reflected: "So there it is, heads and tails, which offers a fig leaf of defence who've been his apologists and his cheerleaders on this side of the Atlantic."

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