James O'Brien explains 'hypocrisy' of anti-lockdown Tory MPs

5 November 2020, 11:19 | Updated: 5 November 2020, 11:24

By Fiona Jones

This is the moment James O'Brien points out the 'hypocrisy' and "dishonesty" of anti-lockdown Tory MPs, as new month-long Covid measures begin.

The Tory lockdown skeptics "seem to be acting in a fashion that's even more dishonest and disingenuous than usual" because despite the fact they carried Boris Johnson into Number 10 on their metaphorical shoulders, they are now "throwing their toys out the pram," said James O'Brien.

"They're worried that some of the policies designed to keep poor people alive might actually affect the income of rich people," James said.

He pointed out, "People who claimed economic harm was to be actively welcomed and sought in the context of Brexit, seem to be precisely the same people now arguing passionately that we couldn't possible risk economic harm if all we were trying to do was keep people alive and minimise the spread of a lethal virus.

"In the context of blue passports and fish, economic harm good, in the context of keeping your mum alive, economic harm bad."

James said that those oppose lockdown, both in the Commons and in the media, have had to create a non-existent enemy as it is hard - if not impossible - to find anyone actively enthusiastic about lockdown.

The "Murdochian mob...who are dedicated solely to keeping the money supplies flowing for the richest people in the country, they don't have an enemy," James said, "sometimes I think they're lying to themselves."

because what you might call lockdown skepticism...often people who cheerleaded for Boris Johnson