James O'Brien explains why people who dislike Meghan 'don't know why'

8 March 2021, 14:11 | Updated: 8 March 2021, 14:14

By Fiona Jones

James O'Brien explained to listeners why people who have a "huge problem" with Meghan Markle "won't really be able to tell you why."

James O'Brien said this dislike is fundamentally steered by headlines selling "fear" - which has led to people being scared of issues that "don't exist."

His comments came after Prince Harry and Meghan's bombshell interview aired in the US.

Amongst a raft of claims, the Duchess revealed to Oprah that while she was pregnant a senior member of the family had ‘concerns and conversations’ over the colour of the baby’s skin.

James reflected that in our society there is a "desire to feel persecuted" and "an absolute hunger for victimhood", linking this to Meghan Markle who paints some sort of threat to certain groups of people.

"Don't ask for facts just feel persecuted," said James, "now it's statues, they're coming to take down statues, they're coming to take your culture and your stately homes. How are they going to do that? By telling you about things that actually happened."

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He was referring to the UK-wide movement that saw almost 70 memorials renamed or taken down since 2020's Black Lives Matter protests.

The newspapers "sell you your own victimhood," James told listeners, "I don't understand why people hand over their hard-earned cash and indeed their consciences so happily and so freely to people who are selling nothing but false victimhood and false persecution."

He referenced the white supremacist who killed MP Jo Cox while shouting Britain First shortly after Nigel Farage's campaign poster was released: "He was terrified of things that don't exist...all these people that wish you harm, where are they?"

James acknowledged that generalisations are "loose", however added: "You can be fairly confident that people who think that their culture is under attack...will fit very neatly in to one side of the Meghan Markle conversation.

"They'll have a huge problem with her and they won't really be able to tell you why. But if you suggest you know why they'll be almost as angry with you for pointing out their racism as they are with her for being bi-racial."

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