James O'Brien Fact-Checks Claims From Nigel Farage Fan Who Calls In

4 November 2019, 11:38 | Updated: 4 November 2019, 11:43

James O'Brien was forced to correct this Nigel Farage fan when he made a series of claims about the UK's relationship with the EU.

Mark called from Horsham to say that he will still vote for the Brexit Party, even though Mr Farage has announced he won't be standing for election.

At first, Mark claimed that the Brexit Party leader is not standing because he would have more influence in the EU than with 10 MPs in the UK parliament.

But James pointed out the rules allow him to do both - and once Brexit is done under Boris Johnson's deal, he wouldn't be an MEP anyway.

James also insisted they wouldn't get any MPs in this election, adding: "There's a few massive errors that you have been labouring under for a few years now. You've only been on the radio for two minutes."

When Mark insisted they just have different views, James told him: "These aren't views. He's currently an MEP. After Brexit, he can't be. That's just a fact. You voted for him not to be an MP any more when you voted for Brexit."

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Things got even more tetchy when Mark insisted he wanted a clean break Brexit and thinks the UK would be tied to EU decisions over the EU Army.

James was forced to fact check him on these claims as well.

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