James O'Brien fears "failure to use first lockdown wisely" will mean mass rejection of second lockdown

8 October 2020, 10:54

By Fiona Jones

James O'Brien told listeners he is a "bit scared" of what is to come, because the failure of the Government to use the time wisely in the first lockdown will mean mass rejection of a second lockdown.

"I think we're back to square one with a lot more skepticism around the notion of a second national lockdown, a lot more justifiable fear of a second national lockdown because the economic of the second national lockdown comes on top of the economic impact of the first one.

"They're not the same: lockdown two is not the same as lockdown one for economic, financial and medical reasons and therefore much harder to justify and to sell," James said.

"I'm a bit scared and that fear is exacerbated by the knowledge of who is in charge," he said, "do you think it's possible that Dominic Cummings' cronies and Vote Leave co-conspirators aren't the best people to manage a rampaging global pandemic from the UK's point of view? I'm beginning to think maybe they're not the best for the job."

James pointed out that the everybody in the UK paid for the first lockdown with varying degrees of sacrifice and cost, whether that be lives of loved ones, loss of jobs and bankruptcy.

"We all paid a price for the lockdown, our children paid a price for the lockdown, the full cost of which we will not know for years.

"The price we paid for the lockdown was so high that our failure to use the time we bought makes the prospect of selling you a second lockdown impossible," James said.