James O'Brien Grills Fracking Firm's Spokesman

6 October 2016, 12:16 | Updated: 6 October 2016, 12:22

James O'Brien takes Cuadrilla spokesperson to task over his claim that money saved on energy imports could be spent on the NHS - if 'fracking' is a success in Britain.

Matt Lambert from Cuadrilla told James a large amount money could be saved on energy exports if ‘hydraulic fracturing’ for shale gas, a technique commonly called ‘fracking ‘ is commercially viable in Britain.

The firm has just received the go-ahead from central government to begin exploratory drilling in Lancashire. This overruled a decision by the local council to block the plans.

Lambert told James that domestically produced gas, would save Britain enough money to spend on the NHS.

This point was pulled up by James as he pressed him on the comment. "So Cuadrilla is a nationalised industry then? he asked adding: "so we will be giving money to your shareholders?"

"I just want to clarify when you talk about giving the money to doctors and nurses the money that is currently being sent to Russia will be going to your shareholders instead. How many hospitals are Cuadrilla going to build?"

Watch this gripping moment in the clip above.