James O'Brien Highlights Frightening Aspect Of Lord Adonis' Resignation

2 January 2018, 14:59

James O'Brien labelled Lord Adonis' comments on railways "frightening" as he sent a warning on how the government is acting.

The Labour peer quit the government's Transport Commission due to Theresa May's position on Brexit.

But also in his resignation letter was this passage which chilled James to the core.

James O'Brien was concerned by what Lord Adonis said in his resignation letter
James O'Brien was concerned by what Lord Adonis said in his resignation letter. Picture: LBC / PA

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: "I just wanted to read you some of the comments that Andrew Adonis made when he resigned from the government, because obviously with Daily Mail journalists queuing up to call for him to be silenced, a lot of the stuff he said about railways got overlooked.

"So I'll tell you what he said. 'I would have been obliged to resign because of Chris Grayling's indefensible decision to bail out the Stagecoach Virgin East Coast rail franchise. The bailout will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds. It benefits only the billionaire owners of these companies.

"'I hope the PAC [that's the Parliamentary Accounts Committee] call Sir Richard Branson and Sir Brian Souter to give evidence. I am ready to share troubling evidence with the PAC and other parliamentary committees investigating the bailout. I raised these concerns with the Chancellor and the Transport Secretary as soon as the bailout became apparent. I received no response from either Minister beyond inappropriate requests to desist.'

"That should stop traffic.

"That's a government appointed man describing inappropriate requests to stop honestly describing what he thinks is happening. If that's not a definition of things that we should be frightened of, I honestly don't know what is."

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