James O'Brien: How Theresa May SHOULD Have Answered That Question

11 October 2017, 10:43

James O'Brien gave Theresa May some advice: here's how you should have answered Iain Dale's question.

The Prime Minister has found herself on the front pages of the newspapers after refusing to say whether she would vote for Brexit if there was a referendum on the EU today.

It was an answer that frustrated both Leavers and Remainers.

And James helped Mrs May out by telling her what she should have said.

Speaking on his LBC show the day after her interview, James said: "If she takes media advice it would have been easy to give. Style it out. Style it out.

"You look Iain Dale in the eye and you say 'Iain, I know you want yournewspaper headlines and I know that you're looking for a sexy story to dominate tomorrow's newspapers but I am not going to answer a question that is based upon something that's never going to happen. You can ask it as many times as you like but there will be no second referendum, so I'm not going to tell you how I would vote in the impossible event of there being one. You might as well ask me what I think about the taste of cheese that's made on the moon.'

"And then if he came back to her, stay silent. Do a gnomic smile, do a grin.

James O'Brien had some advice to Theresa May
James O'Brien had some advice to Theresa May. Picture: LBC

"Not difficult, unbelievable that no one had prepped her for the possibility of that question popping up, but hand on heart, I hadn't thought of asking it so perhaps it was Iain Dale's peculiar genius that did for the Prime Minister."