James O'Brien Laments State Of British Politics

28 October 2019, 12:14

James O'Brien thinks that Boris Johnson can't be trusted and Jeremy Corbyn isn't showing leadership.

James O'Brien said: "We're talking about British politics. But what can you say about British politics? We have a prime minister who is in the job because of promises that he has already broken.

"I'm not going to call him a liar today. Okay. I reserve the right to call him a liar whenever I jolly well please. But he promised that he wouldn't submit a request for an extension and we would be leaving on Thursday.

"We won't be and he did submit a request for an extension pathetically. You think about how this plays out. Imagine if today Donald Tusk sends the acceptance of Boris Johnson's request for this delay to Article 50.

"Imagine if Donald Tusk had briefed the British media that he wasn't going to sign it and it was going to be an old photocopy.

Just think for a minute how that would play across all our 'patriotic' right-wing newspapers and commentators."

He went on: "Could you imagine if Donald Tusk or Angela Merkel had sent us a profoundly important document that they didn't really want to send us but they had to because reality and they decided to try and curry favour with their own boneheaded supporters by releasing news that they had not signed it.

Even though that makes no difference whatsoever to its weight or legal relevance. Just think for a minute what what The Sun would do with that?"

David, from Ely, texted the show to say: 'When Boris campaigned saying that we would leave the EU on the 31st he had no idea his own party would vote against him.'

James O'Brien Laments State Of British Politics
James O'Brien Laments State Of British Politics. Picture: LBC

James O'Brien replied: "He did have an idea that his own party might vote against him because he voted against his own party when Theresa May was Prime Minister.

"I sometimes wonder whether or not you people are real. You've sat there, you've sent me 20 lines of text, 'your smart' James spelt wrong inevitably, he had no idea his own party would vote against him.

"If only there'd been some clue that conservative MPs might vote against a Conservative Prime Minister in the context of a withdrawal agreement.

Just some clues, some little, some little hint some tiny, tiny suggestion, but that was a plausible possibility, David? Oh, yeah. There's him actually doing it a few weeks ago - and you wonder why we're in the mess that we're in."

He then went on to speak about Labour.

He said: "Labour, meanwhile, has an array of vote winning policies, but it's doomed to election defeat with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm, according to Lord Mandelson.

Just focus on the first line, Labour has an array of vote winning policies .... how do you get vote winning policies across to the public? Through leadership. Where's the leadership? You tell me."

He then apologised for "being very English today."

He explained: "But I can't see any way through the woods at the minute except by focusing upon English politics because Brexit is an English disease. Northern Ireland didn't want it, Scotland didn't want it, presumably Wales doesn't want it anymore.

"Certainly Wales is going to have an almighty problem with it if Northern Ireland manages to secure the sort of have your cake and eat it status that Boris Johnson surrendered during the negotiations after swearing blind.

Remember again, wrong again, there will be no customs border in the Irish Sea."

He then spoke about a call last week where someone called him a 'snowflake loser'.