James O'Brien: British Politics Isn't Safe From The "Alt Right"

22 November 2016, 11:14 | Updated: 22 November 2016, 16:40

James O'Brien Stunned

With Donald Trump supporters chanting "Heil Victory!" at rallies, James O'Brien says it's time to be blunt about this: it's Nazism, plain and simple. And guess what? It could be headed for Britain soon.

In a striking piece of analysis on the rise of the right, James also reflected on the idea of Nigel Farage as Ambassador to the USA. See what he thought here:

"It's not Donald Trump speaking but it's a room full of people who think that Donald Trump's election has given them victory," said James of the so-called "alt-right", before playing a clip of Richard Spencer.

Spencer is a leading figure of the "alt-right" movement, who also quoted Nazi propaganda in German during his speech. Should we presume this kind of rhetoric is limited to America? James says no.

"Everything happens here more slowly and dare I say it rather more politely, but it could still potentially be just as insidiuous.

"This is Nazism, this is white supremacism. This isn't provocative newspaper articles or online blogs, trying to get a reaction or chase down clicks. This is people who honesly believe the colour of their flesh is indicative of some sort of intrinsic worth."

But does the incoming President sign up to these disgraceful views? James isn't sure.

"Does Donald Trump buy into all this stuff? Shoot me down, I still don't think he does. I think it's incredibly useful for him. I think he's got one interest and one interest only and that's Donald Trump."