James O'Brien's Strong Message To Anyone Justifying Finsbury Park Attack

19 June 2017, 11:25

James says there is no justification for an attack on innocent people after a man drove a van into a group of people leaving a Muslim centre on Monday morning.

One person was killed and ten others injured in the attack that the police are treating as terrorist act.

The van hit the group as they stood outside near a Muslim welfare centre. Eye witnesses say the driver said “I did something good.”

James O’Brien said that there is one clear message we should all take from this: “Acts of violence against innocent people. Can we all agree that that's bad?”

But he said others didn’t see it that way:  “I only have to glance at my own inbox now to find an immediate response: 'Well they slaughter innocent Brits, James, don't they?'

“What nationality do you think most of the people in Finsbury Park are?” James asked. “What sort of passports do you think they carry? Acts of violence against innocent people are inexcusable.”

He saw it as another horrible escalation: “This is the most insane development in an increasingly insane country, you cannot justify an act of terror.

“Acts of violence against innocent people are inexcusable. They are not excusable by British foreign policy in the Middle East anymore than they are excusable by other acts of violence against innocent people in Manchester or in London Bridge.”

There is understandable anger after such acts, but James warned about giving in to that anger: “You see some people doing precisely what terrorists want, allowing their anger, allowing their emotion to turn them against their neighbours, to turn them against each other.”

And with today’s act, which people are speculating is a revenge attack of sorts, James asks a question that should concern any decent person: “If we are living in a country where we're now going to see people launching their own acts of violence against random and innocent people because of an act of violence against random innocent people last week, where will that end?”