James O'Brien Nails The Two Types Of Brexiteer That Are Left

12 September 2017, 12:28

James O'Brien perfectly outlined the two types of Brexiteer left - the ones who don't realise why Britain is doing well and the ones who just want to get rid of foreigners.

The government's Equalities Office is to examine growing evidence that EU nationals in the UK are being illegally prevented from renting or buying properties, getting jobs and booking holidays.

And that crystallised something in James's mind about who the people who still back Brexit are.

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: "The honest people are now admitting that they don't care how many people lose their jobs, they don't care how high inflation goes, they don't care how bad it is trying to do business with the largest single market in the world after electing to leave it because they think life's going to be harder for foreigners and that's what they wanted all along.

"And the harder it is, the fewer of them there will be and boom hurrah, let's all go to Germany and deliver a speech to a party described as Nazis by the German Foreign Minister.

"And then the other side of that debate are just not yet ready to let their intellect overtake their ego, so they're still pretending that exports are really high as I've heard some senior politicians say, manufacturing is at an all time high and then of course not apparently pausing to work out why.

"Which would be that if you had your funds in dollars or euros, this at the moment is a fantastic place to do business, because we have all the benefits of our continuing European Union membership, we've got all the tariff-free frictionless trade with the European Union and if you're a euro-based business then every euro you have is worth 15% more than it was before the Brexit vote. And of course also 44% of our exports historically go to the European Union.

"So fantastic! It would make no sense whatsoever for dollar and euro-based businesses not to be piling in on Britain as D-Day approaches because the pound has been devalued so profoundly that their money is literally worth more than it was before we did this. Ours is worth less."