James O'Brien Rubbishes Reasons For Trump's Travel Ban

30 January 2017, 10:49 | Updated: 30 January 2017, 12:06

James O'Brien Touched

James O'Brien rubbished the reasons given for Donald Trump's travel ban one-by-one.

The new President has put in place a ban on travel for people from seven key countries, which he says is a high terrorism threat.

Following a series of protests across the world, Trump's team have claimed that Barack Obama put a similar ban in place, while others said no one is protesting over similar bans on Israeli citizens.

But taking them individually, James explains why they simply aren't true.

"Why these countries, why this list?

"I'll give you, off the top of my head, the easy answers: Barack Obama came up with this list James...that's simply not true.

"Immediately this ban came out, the usual suspects, the usual white supremacist 'news' sites...were trying to argue that: 'Oh well, Israelis are banned from lots of Arab countries, that's exactly the same, why does nobody ever complain about that?

"To which the answer, if I really need to explain, is simple: that some Arab countries, some Muslim countries accept the United Nations' judgment that Israel is guilty of war crimes and therefore take a decision to sanction that sovereign government in Israel with a restriction of travel for its citizens until that sovereign government falls into line with international law.

"It's that simple. Donald Trump isn't doing that. He's saying: 'Aw yeah, these guys are dangerous and I don't have to prove it, I don't want to prove it. I've got no proof but I'm going to ban them any because I know my fans will love it.

"And he's right.

"Donald Trump signed an executive order that effectively classes American Muslims from these seven countries a second class citizen. Once you actually formalise the notion of an Untermensch - an inferior human being, somebody who does not deserve the same rights under the law, the same protections, the same fundamental principles of universal human rights, you are a Nazi."