James Schools Caller Who Said Gay People Should Change

13 June 2016, 12:19 | Updated: 26 August 2016, 11:34

A trainee pastor got the classic James O'Brien treatment after equating homosexuals with murderers and saying they should change their ways.

Tremon, a Seventh Day Adventist Christian, called James O'Brien following the tragedy in Orlando in which 50 people were killed in a gay nightclub.

He suggested that homosexuals should change their ways, leading James to state: "Part of me thinks you are ridiculous and part of me thinks you are dangerous."

Speaking about his promiscuous youth, Tremon said: "I'm training to be a pastor and I had to change my ways, because I realised what Christ had done for me. He came from heaven and died for me and has given his life for me."

But James responded: "He gave his life for gays as well. He never said a word about homosexuality, did he? Not a single word.

"Part of me thinks you are ridiculous and part of me thinks you are dangerous. As long as you're ridiculous, you carry on with your nonsense, that's fine.

"But when people go out to kill others because of their sexuality, that's when people like you become dangerous."

Tremon said he condemned that action, to which James added: "Of course you do, mate, while telling them to change their ways and comparing them to murderers. It's a really powerful condemnation."

The caller tried to justify his views, but James insisted: "Lots of people who are gay think they are following Christ. We're talking about you inflicting your interpretation of scriptures - in which Jesus said absolutely nothing about homosexuality - on people whose sexuality is different from your own."