James O'Brien Spots Brexit Line That Should Change Everything

3 February 2017, 12:21

James O'Brien two hands

Many people voted for Brexit because they want to bring back sovereignty to the UK. But one line in the Brexit white paper proves that was completely untrue, says James O'Brien.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "What the hell has happened? We've already established that the European Union gave us powers to restrict residence in this country after three months to people who didn't have a job or or proof of assets. We've already established that.

"We heard from callers in Germany and Belgium who actually have to jump through hoops to stay in those countries as EU citizens, as EU workers. So we know the migration issue was confused and wrong.

"But the one thing, the one hook on which you could still hang a hat was sovereignty, parliamentary sovereignty. And the white paper published yesterday states- and it's not big on the substance, I've got to be honest with you - it states quite categorically that "our parliament has remained sovereign throughout our membership, despite people not always feeling like that".

"You've got the White House spokeswoman now, the counsel, actually justifying the ban that Donald Trump announced earlier this week by describing something that never ever happened. She said one of the reasons we've had to do this ban is because of two Iraqi refugees that came here and got radicalised and were responsible for the bowling green massacre.

"Kellyanne Conway. There is no bowling green massacre. The two Iraqis she referred to committed terrorist acts in Iraq. So the idea that they then came to America and got radicalised is beyond bonkers.

"But you know already after two weeks that the established media, the media that does things like seek out sources, confirm stories, won't publish until it has done, what do you do when somebody on the White House payroll comes out and uses an actual non-existent event? It's beyond a lie. A non-existent event to justify government policy.

"And that's why I don't think we should shut up about these sort of things, because on a tiny tiny level relatively speaking, anybody who said to you that our Parliament wasn't sovereign and appealed to a sort of patriotism within your breast that you think British laws should be made by British people or British parliament.

"Anybody who said that to you was sort of selling you a timeshare that didn't exist."