James O'Brien Stuns A Listener With His Simple Reason Why Young Girls Don't Need Hijabs

22 January 2018, 13:17 | Updated: 22 January 2018, 13:23

James speaks to a caller who defends her daughter's decision to wear a hijab. When he asks why boys aren't expected to abide by the same standards she finds it hard to answer.

After a top-rated primary school was 'intimidated' into dropping a ban on young girls wearing hijabs, LBC's James O'Brien decided to tackle the issue head-on. 

Fatimah rang LBC to defend her daughter's decision to wear a hijab at the age of eight. She argued that that the hijab was important when a girl "hits puberty and you need to become more modest." 

James questioned why the same rules didn't apply to boys of the same age. He asked what "would the male equivalent of the headscarf be?" Fatimah said she didn't know the answer, to which James replied in his trademark manner "naff all". 

James O'Brien was discussing hijabs in school.
James O'Brien was discussing hijabs in school. Picture: LBC

He continued "if you're teaching girls to be modest and not teaching boys to do the same thing, then you are flying the face of what I would call British values."

Defending her point Fatimah argued that "the physical makeup of a boy and a girl is different." James argued that the "physical makeup" of boys and girls amount to nothing. 

Fatimah spoke about the need for boys to lower their gaze, something James said was impossible to do during school when they had to look at the teacher. 

James finished by saying that the hijab was simply "the institutionalised inequality invented by men to suppress women."