James O'Brien theorises how Government 'keeps getting away with Covid blunders'

12 February 2021, 12:12 | Updated: 12 February 2021, 12:18

By Fiona Jones

This is James O'Brien's theory on how the Government 'keeps getting away with' its Covid approach since the beginning of the pandemic.

He made his comments after the Government's hotel quarantine website was launched on Thursday without a booking option for the first two days of the scheme.

The new rules are in place from Monday 15 February but the platform had no availability until Wednesday 17 February.

James told listeners he was unsurprised that the new measures "failed at the very very first hurdle" and questioned how the Government "keeps getting away with it."

He said, sarcastically, "It's not as if they've presided over the worst death rate on the planet and the worst economic slump in 100 years. Oh wait - my bad. They totally have."

James said: "How do they keep getting away with this? The answer in part, of course, is contained within the weird attempts to distract you with issues like National Trust properties, Churchill College Cambridge, Chaucer, Black Lives Matter, cancel culture, down with woke."

He asked all people who were listening to James and "seeing themselves in the mirror he was holding up" identifying themselves in his description to phone in.

He continued that those people are defended over a Government that's "presided over more deaths from the same disease than any other per capita population on the planet" and "delivered the worst economic slump in 100 years."

James reflected, "You must have a little moment, even if you despise every fibre of my being, you must have somewhere inside a little moment of recognition - where you go: oh my god, it's me."