James O'Brien: “Theresa May Gave Up Our Moral Authority To Cosy Up To Trump”

6 June 2017, 12:52

James says that the realities of Brexit have stopped Theresa May from criticising Trump, even when he attacks the UK.

Donald Trump has twice criticised Sadiq Khan on Twitter following Saturday’s terrorist attacks in London.

Others have criticised the President for his remarks, and the US Embassy and city mayors in America have voiced their support of Khan. Theresa May has refused to criticise Trump’s remarks though.

James said that the UK is no longer a moral leader and doesn’t speak out the way other countries do.

“You see what Merkel and Micron have done, not only signing letters condemning his withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement but also explicitly and publicly condemning the things that I thought we as British people considered to be contemptible

“Apparently we don't as a nation feel quite strongly about all those things as the Germans do and the French do, the Italians and the Spanish, all the people that signed the letter, or the people that have refused to kowtow on the White House lawn, all the people who have actually made speeches while standing next to him that effectively criticised him.

“We're not that country anymore.”

James thinks a decision has been made that keeping Trump happy is more important than standing up to him.

“I think Theresa May feels or has been advised that she has no choice, because Donald Trump is an irrational, petulant little man who will never forget or forgive even the vaguest of slights, whether it's true or not.

“He can use lies to insult the people he doesn't like, but if anybody turns around and uses the truth to criticise him they're on a list.”

This left James asking ‘why?’ ‘What’s happened?’

“Why would we not have the moral of the political authority to upset the United States' president when he has insulted the mayor of London before the bodies of the people murdered on Saturday night have even been buried?

“Why would we not have that political or moral authority anymore?

“What’s happened to it?

“Where did it go?”

Theresa May was the first leader to visit Trump when he became President. And the reason for that might be why Britain no longer criticises the President of the United States of America.

“She dashed over to America precisely because of Brexit.”