James O'Brien's bemused reaction to binman being sacked over kicking snowman

29 January 2021, 13:12

By Fiona Jones

This was James O'Brien's lighthearted reaction to a binman being sacked after he kicked the head off a snowman.

A binman has been sacked after karate kicking the head off a three-year-old's snowman.

The agency worker Callum Woodhouse was told he will not be coming back to work for Herefordshire Council after Tuesday's 'kung fu kick' incident was captured on CCTV.

The man was shown delivering a roundhouse-style kick to the 6ft-tall creation on a footpath in front of a house, in CCTV footage published by the Hereford Times.

Mr Woodhouse told LBC it "was going to melt anyway", adding that he was "overwhelmed by the fact kicking a snowman could have a massive impact on me."

He explained that he "felt like the snowman was obstructing my pathway to work," adding his role as a bin man is an important one which the community relies on.

James branded his sacking a "diabolical liberty" and bemusedly read the Herefordshire Council's response.

"I'm Team Callum, Herefordshire Council you've got to give this guy his job back!" James said, pointing out that the refuse collector has a son he needs to feed.

He lightheartedly likened the incident to Frozen, where Princess Elsa is forced to retreat in the Ice Palace due to her powers.

Herefordshire Council says it's "disappointed" by the footage.