James O'Brien's best moments of 2020

24 December 2020, 10:00

James O'Brien's best moments of 2020
James O'Brien's best moments of 2020. Picture: LBC

By Fiona Jones

2020: the year of Brexit, coronavirus and President Biden - and James O'Brien has been there for every twist and turn. We've gathered together his best moments throughout the eventful year. You can watch them below.

In January 2020 the UK officially left the EU - but the two sides have spent the year trying to negotiate a trade deal which is yet to be finalised.

James is famed for his emotive soliloquies on the UK's departure from the European Union, yet LBC listeners branded this particular speech his most powerful yet.

This is James's Brexit monologue which some have called "essential listening for the country."

Shortly after the tragic death of George Floyd, and the start of worldwide Black Lives Matter protests, James O’Brien tackled the topic of racism in the UK.

This caller Charlie felt compelled to tell James that he 'used to be a racist.' He said that he nearly joined the BNP – simply because he was from a 'small town' and had 'never integrated'. After opening up about this, he is now a changed man.

Watch the moving moment above.

The Prime Minister defended Dominic Cummings back in a May press briefing after reports the senior aide flouted lockdown rules by travelling to Durham from his London home on multiple occasions.

There was significant public outrage which led to the senior aide having to take questions from journalists - a rare moment in politics.

This was James O'Brien's incredibly powerful response after the PM defended Mr Cummings.

Coronavirus has affected all of our lives this year - and certainly dominated the news. While James came across many callers that have adhered to the restrictions, he came across one particular caller who had not.

Instead, the caller was furious that the Government had announced the tougher tier restrictions for winter.

He believed the Government was lying about the seriousness of Covid - but despite James repeatedly challenging him, he couldn't explain why.

Watch the fiery exchange above.

After business minister Alok Sharma admitted on LBC's Call the Cabinet that the difference between an Australian deal and a No-Deal Brexit was just "semantics", James reflected on what would happen if the UK ended up with no deal.

This Leave voter, who told James he'd "followed Brexit" and is "quite a strong Tory" said he did not realise the two terms meant the same thing.

Watch the full exchange above - which left James with his head in his hands.

This year has also seen the UK become the first country to approve a Covid vaccine - the Pfizer jab was rolled out earlier in December and the NHS inoculated over 137,000 people in the first week.

While many LBC listeners expressed utter joy at the news they or their vulnerable loved ones may soon receive the vaccination, not everyone felt the same.

James challenged this caller who said he would refuse to get the Covid vaccine because he is "going to survive regardless."

Watch the fiery clash above.

It was at the beginning of the year that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step down as senior Royals.

Caller Steve had some very strong words about the Duchess, insisting she "totally dominates" her husband which has been "totally obvious from the start."

However, when James asked for just one piece of evidence, he completely fell apart.

In January, the Government made a U-turn over immigration, choosing a much more liberal path with their points-based system.

James liked the new immigration policy - and questioned whether people who believed the Prime Minister would be tough on immigration felt betrayed.

Caller Gary felt far from aggrieved, telling James he would vote for Boris Johnson whatever he says or does.

What ensued was a classic James O'Brien call.

This summer, usually the time for Brits to travel abroad in their droves, provided many restrictions for travelling - this included quarantining before leaving the country and again on return.

James was asking people for their stories of self-isolating with many taking it very seriously.

However, this caller told James she had four holidays planned and she was not prepared to quarantine after any of them.

This is the moment James told her that position was "stupid" and "profoundly dangerous".

Dubbed the highlight of the year, Yorkshireman Luke called from China while stranded and unable to fly home due to Covid-19.

James, wanting to talk seriously about the pandemic, was left in hysterics after enjoying a few minutes of Luke's humour.

The ultimate call to put a smile on your face.