James O'Brien's Caller Gets Full House In EU Conspiracy Theory Bingo

9 July 2018, 11:40 | Updated: 9 July 2018, 11:54

This caller told James O'Brien we need to get out of the European Union because it was set up by the "Bilderberg Group" and "the EUSSR".

Earlier today, Jacob Rees-Mogg said that he believes in Brexit and James was asking what people actually believe in.

Paul from Weston-Super-Mare called in to explain why he voted leave - and he ended up running through almost all the EU conspiracy theories.

He said: "I want Britain to be Britain. I don't want us to be told what to do by another country, by the European Union.

"This whole project was started in 1954 by the Bilderberg Group and the EUSSR. It's an EU Superstate."

James O'Brien was stunned by what Paul said
James O'Brien was stunned by what Paul said. Picture: LBC

James responded: "Oh no, you didn't just say EUSSR did you? OK. It's only 25 past 10. Superstate, EUSSR, Bilderberg Group..."

When Paul insisted the Bilderberg Group is very real, James said: "Its existence is a fact, the idea that it secretly runs the world is absolutely pant-wetting insane."

He had this challenge for listeners: "If you voted to leave and you're listening to Paul and you're thinking 'Crikey, he's mad, I'm not on his side', don't sit there being rude about Paul with his EUSSR and his Bilderberg Group and his belief in the 1954 whatever, ring in and give me your reasons.

"Don't just sit there mocking him."

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