James O'Brien's Compelling Response To People Who Assumed He'd Defend Brendan Cox

19 February 2018, 11:34

James O'Brien has worked out why critics assumed he would be hypocritical in his opinion about Brendan Cox - they were judging him by their own moral compass.

James received several tweets from people saying he would be a hypocrite if he tried to defend Mr Cox, who resigned from his charities following accusations over his behaviour.

But speaking on his LBC show, James insisted there's no side to choose here - surely everyone is against sex pests?

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

James said: "I had double-figure tweets saying 'Ah well, James O'Brien was really rude about Toby Young. I bet he lays off Brendan Cox, the flipping hypocrite.'

'And I'm thinking, mate there is so much I say on this radio show that you could criticise me for, you really don't have to start criticising me for stuff I haven't said.

"The description of how Brendan Cox has behaved and some of the other stuff I'm hearing from people associated with places that he's worked and charities that he's worked in... it's gross. It's just gross.

"There's no debate, there's no side to pick. You're either on the side of sex pests or you're against them. If you look at the world through eyes like mine.

But if you look at the world through eyes like those of the people who think that there won't be condemnation or criticism, then something different is happening and I've worked out what it is. And this is obviously going to make already tiny brains explode.

"What it is is, you have acknowledged your own moral corruption.

"You will describe Donald Trump's behaviour, you'll make excuses for it. You will ignore the countless allegations and accusations against him. You'll pass it off, he knows you will, he said you would. He said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and you'd still like him, because he's allowed you to be racist again.

"And Brendan Cox's attitude to racism, being very similar to mine, makes you think that I won't be able to condemn him, because I must be as morally corrupt as you are.

"Bad news guys, I'm not."