James O'Brien's Devastating Response To Brexiteer Who Called Him Arrogant

20 March 2017, 10:55 | Updated: 20 March 2017, 11:34

When a caller said James O'Brien was arrogant for thinking Brexiteers are wrong, this was his scintillating response.

After James suggested that Brexiteers must be ready to admit that they didn't know what they were voting for and are ready to change their mind,

John texted the show saying: "You say all people who voted to leave the EU won't admit that we didn't know what we voted for, do not insult our intelligence. Sheer arrogance!"

But James hit back, in coruscating fashion.

After reading the message, he said: "That was John in Orpington, who knew that the pound in his pocket be worth about 20% less than it is now, who knew that his food bill was going to go up by between 15 and 30% in the course of the next twelve months, he knew that the pint of beer he buys in a pub was about to go up in value, he knew that nurses were going to quit the NHS in record numbers, he knew that people applying for academic roles in British universities would go off a cliff.

"I learned this weekend, I was in Cambridge for the weekend, lots of applicants coming from American academics. So the hope now is that all the European academics are going back home to continue their research in the European Union will be replaced by all the American academics who are running away from Donald Trump on the basis that Britain is bad and getting worse but it's not as bad as America where things are going to get even worse.

"So I apologise John for coming across as arrogant, you obviously knew we were going to leave the Single Market, you knew all the nurses were going to disappear, you knew there was going to be a spike in race hate, you knew that there was going to be a plummeting of the pound, you knew that the regulations in the City were going to be relaxed even further and that tax breaks would be given to foreign companies like Nissan.

"You knew all of that, I apologise, of course you did."