James O'Brien's Electrifying Monologue On The Lies Of Brexit Leaders

30 August 2019, 12:33

This is James O'Brien's powerful response to Richard Littlejohn's column in the Daily Mail laughing at the lies of Boris Johnson.

James's summary of the columnist's article in today's newspaper was "they're lying to you and I think it's hilarious".

And he responded to the growing trend this week of Brexit supporters admitting they know Boris Johnson is lying to them - but being perfectly fine with that.

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: "There are no reasons to do it anymore. No one's even pretending that there are reasons to do it.

"'We have to do it because we voted for it.' Why did you vote for it? 'Because we want to do it.' Why do you want to do it? 'Because we voted for it.'

"Why do you actually want to do it? 'I've run out of reasons James. But there is one massive one left. Because it's upsetting people like you.'

"You've got Littlejohn in the Mail saying 'Course he's lying, and I love it.'"

James O'Brien spoke to a lot of Brexiters who admit Boris Johnson is lying
James O'Brien spoke to a lot of Brexiters who admit Boris Johnson is lying. Picture: PA / LBC

Referring to John Major joining the legal action against Boris Johnson's prorogation of parliament, he added: "What do you think motivates them? Why's John Major got out of bed this morning? To protect you from politicians that are now lying to you.

"John Major is going to court to protect you from politicians that are lying and Daily Mail columnists are loving the fact that you're being lied to.

"But hey, you enjoy those salty Remainer tears."