James O'Brien's Emotional Response To The Sri Lanka Terrorist Attack

23 April 2019, 10:53

James O'Brien found himself getting very emotional as he discussed the terror attacks in Sri Lanka which killed 310 people.

Sri Lanka's Defence Minister says Sunday's bomb attacks appear to have been a retaliation to the New Zealand mosque shootings last month.

Among those killed were three of the four children of Anders Holch Povlsen, the largest shareholder in retailer ASOS.

And in discussing his story, James couldn't help but get emotional.

Speaking about the Easter Sunday terror attack, James said: "The very personal tragedies begin to emerge - the Danish man who lost three of his four children, the Brit who lost his wife and two kids.

"This is where you do the 'there but for the grace of God' bit.

James O'Brien was moved when he spoke of the Sri Lanka terror attacks
James O'Brien was moved when he spoke of the Sri Lanka terror attacks. Picture: PA / LBC

"When we're on holiday," then he broke off briefly as a got emotional, before continuing: "I quite often stay in bed when Mrs O'Brien, who's an early riser, takes the kids to breakfast and as far as I can tell, this poor poor man's family were killed because he stayed in bed, while his wife and children went to breakfast.

"Little things like this, these tiny avenues, these flapping of a butterfly's wings that can change absolutely everything.

"The heartbreak is profound and utterly horrible."

James went on to look at how a place of worship became vulnerable to such attacks. Watch his piece at the top of the page.