James O'Brien's message to defenders of Donald Trump

7 January 2021, 12:40

By Fiona Jones

This was James O'Brien's message for those who denigrated him, and others, for "calmly and honestly" labelling President Trump a fascist.

It comes after the unprecedented scenes in America on Wednesday, which saw a woman shot dead and three others die after pro-Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol.

Protesters sieged the building while Congress debated the Electoral College vote that gave Joe Biden the presidency.

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James, who has always considered Trump a figurehead for inciting violence and racism, said: "I told you so."

He directed this to "the people who've come after me in the last few years for simply stating facts and telling the truth."

James said that he and others who have warned about the danger of the man have been "absolutely vindicated".

"All of us who used the word fascism to describe Donald Trump, all of us who were accused of Trump Derangement Syndrome, all of us who described calmly and honestly on what he was unleashing and what he represented, were vindicated on an incredible scale.

"So yeah, I told you so."

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