James O'Brien's Pinpoint Response To Chris Grayling's Brexit Claim

5 February 2019, 12:32

This is James O'Brien's withering response to Chris Grayling's claim that if Britain leaves the EU without a deal, it will be Brussels' fault.

The Transport Secretary insisted that the European Parliament's intransigence in negotiations will be to blame if Theresa May cannot agree a deal over leaving.

He said: "If they are not willing to compromise, if they’re not willing to work with us to find common ground – it will be down to them if there is no deal."

James O'Brien responded: "Obviously this is perfectly reasonable, because it was Brussels that said they need us more than we need them.

"It was Brussels, of course, that voted to chuck us out of the European Union.

"It was Brussels that weaponised free movement.

"It was Brussels that stuck lies on the side of a big bus.

"It was Brussels that got into bed with provocative racists and their Breaking Point posters.

"It was Brussels that made utterly irreconcilable promises.

"And it is, of course, Brussels that considers Chris Grayling worthy of high political office.

James O'Brien responded to Chris Grayling's claim
James O'Brien responded to Chris Grayling's claim. Picture: LBC / PA

"So fair enough actually. It's all Brussels' fault that people like Chris Grayling have made an absolute dog's dinner of what they promised you would be sunny uplands and having your cake and eat it, unicorns all round."