James O'Brien's Pivotal Point On Corbyn Criticism Over Venezuela

8 August 2017, 15:11

Why does the media criticise Jeremy Corbyn over his links to Venezuela when worse regimes are becoming trade partners for the government, asks James O'Brien.

The Labour leader has faced constant criticism over his links to the Venezuelan government, which is being accused of human rights abuses.

And despite saying Mr Corbyn's stance had been hypocritical, James made one crucial point that will make you think about the media's reaction in a new light.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Jeremy Corbyn is being bombarded with demands to condemn the Venezuelan government. I don't quite get it, do you?

"Liam Fox isn't being ordered to condemn Duterte. Theresa May wasn't ordered to condemn President Erdogan in Turkey when she touched down there shortly after he'd bunged a bunch of journalists in jail.

"I hold no candle for Jeremy Corbyn, but I don't like unfairness and I don't at this point understand why Jeremy Corbyn is being hit over the head with Venezuela every single day, while equally toxic regimes elsewhere in the world are being held up as potential trading partners for our post-Brexit desperation to do deals.

"Why is he getting it in the neck over Venezuela, while, you know, we're cosying up to a man in the White House in America who is essentially on a lead that is held in the Kremlin."