James O'Brien's Post-Salzburg Monologue Is A Must-Listen

21 September 2018, 10:52 | Updated: 21 September 2018, 11:07

James O'Brien tore into Brexiteers who blame Remainers for the difficult position Britain finds itself in after Theresa May's EU disaster at Salzburg.

The Prime Minister warned the European Union that the UK is willing to walk away with no deal after EU leaders told her they wouldn't accept her Chequers Agreement.

James came to one simple conclusion: "The people with the strongest opinions about the EU have turned out to be the people who knew the least about it."

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

And speaking on his LBC show, he criticised the Leave voters who are now blaming Remainers for the state of Brexit.

He said: "It's your fault, you Remainers. You people with your pesky facts and your evidence and your understanding and your intelligence and your proof. That's why it's all gone wrong.

"The European Union would have given us our unicorns if you hadn't kept insisting that unicorns didn't exist. The only reason why my unicorn hasn't been delivered yet is because you kept telling them that unicorns didn't exist. And if you hadn't kept telling them that unicorns didn't exist, we'd all have got our unicorns by now.

"It was utterly unavoidable what happened yesterday. The plan could never work. We will not come out of the European Union with anything superior to what we have in it.

"It's a flawed institution, it's an imperfect institution, it's a sclerotic institution in places, but in terms of Britain's options on the international stage from trade to security to just about every other aspect of international cooperation, it is far and away the best available deal.

"But if I'd spent 30 years pouring poison into your innocent ears, claiming that it was the Fourth Reich or claiming that it was somehow an enemy of British interests or claiming that it was somehow dedicated to forwarding causes that were detrimental to the United Kingdom, do you think today I'd be able to turn around and just say 'Oh sorry about that, I think I might have got things a bit wrong.'"