James O'Brien's powerful response to the UK passing 100,000 Covid deaths

27 January 2021, 16:54

By Sam Sholli

This is James O'Brien's powerful reaction to more than 100,000 people now having died with Covid-19 in the UK.

Speaking of the figure at a Covid-19 press conference at Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it is "hard to compute the sorrow contained in that grim statistic".

Reflecting on the state of the UK in light of the death toll, James said the country now has "a population that just persists in smashing itself over the head with a frying pan and then [saying] thank you to Boris Johnson for providing the frying pan".

He added: "Where does it all end? 200,000 [deaths]? 300,000 [deaths]?

"How many of us would need to die before people turned around and wondered whether the [person] in charge might actually have something to do with the disaster that's unfolding among us?"

Addressing LBC listeners directly, James then said: "I'm sorry that I've lost sight of your family's faces. I'm sorry that I've come to see them just as numbers."

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