James O'Brien predicts fate of Brexit after further stalemate negotiations

5 June 2020, 13:58 | Updated: 5 June 2020, 14:00

By Fiona Jones

This was James O'Brien's reaction to further stalemate Brexit negotiations and predicted how Brexiteers would respond rather differently.

No real progress has been made at the end of the fourth round of talks on a post-Brexit trade deal, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has said.

James said that the hard-core Brexiteer is going to portray Michel Barnier as having a "hissy fit" yet he is "simply describing frustration at the fact that not only has there been no progress on the major points of negotiation.

"Boris Johnson put himself in handcuffs in December, with the general election result the political declaration makes promises to the European Union that would break promises he made to British people."

James predicted, "Expect to see people pretending they understand what World Trade Organisation rules mean and that they welcome them. Obviously don't, whatever you do, mention that the global head of Nissan said two days ago that if we come out on WTO terms Nissan in the UK becomes unsustainable."

James O'Brien predicts the fate of Brexit after fourth round of stalemate negotiations
James O'Brien predicts the fate of Brexit after fourth round of stalemate negotiations. Picture: LBC

"Rather than admit reality or admit the truth, there will be plenty of people pretending this is what they wanted all along," James said.

He harkened back to a prediction he'd made: the UK will end up with no Brexit or no deal simply because there is no negotiable Brexit that will keep any of the people that voted for it happy.

"We've already seen backtracking. We've seen this week Boris Johnson begging European Union citizens to come back here to work," James said.

James also referred to Boris Johnson ditching a pledge to keep US chlorinated chicken out of British supermarkets under pressure from American negotiators in post-Brexit trade talks.

After Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers stated that under no circumstances would the UK be importing chlorinated chicken, "it turns out we will," said James. This U-turn, he continued, shows we should be unsurprised that the Prime Minister is trying to lie to Michel Barnier.

"I think there'll be some sort of flimsy trade agreement but if I had to put money on it, I'd go with no deal."