James O’Brien’s Proof Millennials CAN Afford To Buy The Homes They Rent

17 November 2017, 11:39 | Updated: 17 November 2017, 14:54

Millennials can afford to buy the homes nowadays as they already pay more than the mortgages of their landlords, says James O'Brien.

The communities secretary Sajid Javid has slammed baby boomers who think youngsters could get on the property ladder if they cut back on things such as nights out and avocados.

Speaking on Thursday, the Tory minister blasted older people for “living in a different world”.

As James discussed the story, it suddenly became very clear for the LBC presenter.

He said: “If you step away from scapegoating and look instead for understanding, desperately unfashionable in Britain at the moment, desperately unfashionable, there is no shortage.

“All of these young people living on avocado pears and hazelnut lattes they can afford to buy the homes in which they live.

“How do I know that? Because they're currently buying the homes in which they live for their buy-to-let landlords.”

Watch James' take in full above.