Caller Voted Brexit Because There Are "Too Many Brown Faces" In His Hospital

8 December 2017, 13:32 | Updated: 8 December 2017, 13:56

James O'Brien had the perfect response to this caller who told him he voted Brexit because there are "too many brown faces" in his supermarket and hospital.

The caller from Harrow, who insisted he was not being racist, said the UK has been "flooded" with migrants and lost its identity.

He said: “I walk into the shopping centre and I don’t know where I am”.

“I’ve got Polish, Romanians, Bulgarians sitting outside coffee houses doing sod all all day.”

He moved on to talking about his local hospital and a visit to A&E when “of 120 people in there I was lucky if I saw three or four white faces in there.”

But James wasn't going to let that remark lie, as he interrupted to call him out.

The LBC presenter said: “If you are judging people by their skin colour then you are indulging in racial prejudice.”

He told the caller that “there are people who don’t have white faces who are as British as you and me”.

He then challenged Steve to name one European Union country that’s essentially populated by non-white people.

Steve insisted he had a valid point and went on to make another point saying “I might be digging myself a big hole”.

He claimed that at one point in his local supermarket there were 23 tills open and 22 of them were operated by “Indian or Pakistani people.”

Steve said: “This is why people have voted out of Europe”.

James wrapped up the call by asking “what difference does it make what colour the person you buy your milk of is?”

You can listen to their exchange in the video at the top of this page.