James O’Brien’s Take On The State Of Brexit Talks Is Devastating

9 February 2018, 13:04 | Updated: 9 February 2018, 13:25

Michel Barnier has warned the British government that a Brexit transition period is “not a given”. This was James O’Brien’s instant reaction.

The EU’s chief negotiator said there was a “very short” time for both sides to strike a deal to stop a cliff-edge on March 29th 2019.

He said Brussels was still having “problems" in "understanding the position" of Britain.

Mr Barnier’s speech during James' show on Friday - and this was his thundering reaction.

James O'Brien Michel Barnier
Picture: LBC/PA

He said: “They're not our enemies, they're not our war rivals, they are our former partners who now act in the best interests of themselves.

“So when previously we all acted in the best interest of each other they now have a responsibility to their members to act in the best interests of their members.

“In the short term it will cause them harm to cut us loose but in the long term it would cause them a hell of a lot more to act in any way other than the one which Barnier has described.

“I’s practically March 2018, it's a year away and our Cabinet can't agree on what our position is for a process that was voted for 19 months ago.

“So Barnier stands up today and can't quite believe that he's having to explain to us what we're doing.

“If we do not come up with a workable deal and by workable I mean something that Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson can agree on i.e not likely, there be no transition period.”