James O'Brien's Take On The Supreme Court Is A Must-Watch

24 January 2017, 10:47 | Updated: 24 January 2017, 11:07

James O'Brien two hands

James O'Brien says that Brexit has left the public asking MPs to vote against what's in our own best interests.

Speaking on his LBC show after the Supreme Court ruled that the government could not trigger Article 50 without an act of parliament, James said the vote will "make a mockery of every definition of democracy going".

He said: "Do you see why the ultimate subversion of parliamentary democracy comes when you order an MP to vote for what he or she believes will harm his constituents. That's what we've done, guys. Great work.

"We've created a country now where people bleating ignorantly about democracy, sovereignty and parliamentary democracy have created a landscape in which we're going to ask our elected representatives to vote for something that they believe will hurt their constituents. And if they don't, they'll be crucified.

"if you as an MP now vote for what you believe to be the best interests of your constituents, you are going to get crucified by the Daily Mail.

"And not literally crucified, but sticking pictures and phrases like "Enemies of the people" for unelected judges, an independent judiciary, will be as nothing to what they do to MPs.

"And remember what page they put the conviction of the racist murderer that killed Jo Cox on. That was on page 30. They want to start going after other elected MPs for daring to vote in a way that they believe is in their own constituents best interests, that will be on page one. Just watch."

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