James O'Brien's theory on what Dominic Cummings "holds over" Boris Johnson

25 May 2020, 12:20 | Updated: 25 May 2020, 12:26

By Fiona Jones

This is James O'Brien's theory on what Dominic Cummings "holds over" Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister defended senior aide Dominic Cummings in Sunday's press briefing after reports he flouted lockdown rules by travelling to Durham from his London home on multiple occasions.

The caller Carol was so speechless at Boris Johnson's actions, she asked: "What hold does Dominic Cummings have over Boris?"

"It's not like secret photographs," said James, "think about the moral corruption of Boris Johnson's private life over the last 30 years, we already know about Jennifer Arcuri, we already know about the love-child he tried to keep secret, we already know about the betrayals and the adulteries while his last wife was receiving chemotherapy.

"The hold that Cummings has over him is the Svengali skills...the dark arts. Cummings is the man you go to if you want to spin your way out of reality.

"If Boris Johnson thinks you're stupid, Dominic Cummings thinks you're scum. That's the hold, Carol."

Carol surmised the Prime Minister is a "yes man."

James said: "He's just desperate for power and Cummings helped him achieve power...for me these debates are over and these arguments are lost but it doesn't change the fact that delivered the victories.

"Cummings proved his worth to Johnson whilst steering that ship of lies through the Brexit referendum. That's it. What happened to all those people from Turkey? What happened to the German car industry? What happened to they need us more than we need them? What happened to the £350 million for the NHS?

"Dominic Cummings' skill set, his perculiar diabolical genius, is an ability to mislead and manipulate. Every incompetent and morally corrupt leader in history has had a propagandist behind them who can make people believe that black is white.

"That's the hold, Carol."