James Picks Apart Caller's Arguments For The Tories Being Strong On The Economy

31 May 2017, 13:06 | Updated: 31 May 2017, 13:40

Elizabeth insisted that the Conservatives would be better for the economy than Labour, but when James picked apart her arguments she resorted to ‘strong and stable’.

“We’ve got to look at his costings,” Elizabeth said of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. “He’s going to spend an enormous amount of money.”

James pointed out that the Conservatives have provided no costings for their proposals. Elizabeth said this was because they weren’t going to spend much money.

“So just to clarify, the party I should trust with the economy haven’t published any costings, and the party I shouldn’t trust have?” James asked.

Elizabeth went back to the 2008 financial crisis as an example of mismanagement. James pointed out that Corbyn was a long way from the top of the party then and that the crisis had affected the whole world.

James ran through a couple points; the Conservatives haven't published costings for their spending plans and the national debt almost doubled in their first 5 years after 2010. James asked, why should people support them?

"Strong and stable." Was Elizabeth's response.

"You're taking the Mickey now!" James said.

But no, Elizabeth insisted people should trust the 'strong and stable' leadership of Theresa May to negotiate Brexit.

James pointed out that Theresa May had wanted to remain in the EU before flip-flopping. Was this strong or stable, he asked.

Elizabeth said she was fulfilling the will of the people.