James Pinpoints Real Brexit Obstacle, And It’s Not Remain Supporters

2 December 2016, 12:04 | Updated: 2 December 2016, 12:18

James O'Brien Brexit Point

How or what Brexit will look like is still a mystery, and James O'Brien says there's an important reason why many want to silence debate on the issue.

Sovereignty. Immigration. Trade. These are the three main strands that will change when the UK leaves the EU. But as James points out, there’s no agreement between Leave supporters which of these need to just be altered and which should be cut altogether. This is the main obstacle to Brexit.

“So you’ve got the bloke who doesn’t care about immigration, but is really strong on sovereignty.

“Then you have bloke who doesn’t care about sovereignty but really, really cares about immigration.

“Then you’ve got someone who thinks we need immigration, but not a lot… and then you’ve got the bloke on the end who doesn’t really know anything but hates foreigners and knows the sooner we kick them out the better.

“They all voted leave - from the intellectual wing to the knuckle dragging wing - they all voted to go through the same door, but they completely disagree about what’s on the other side.”

James believes that this is also the real reason why the Government does not want Brexit debated in Parliament and why some who voted to Leave don’t want to talk about what comes next.

“They can’t even agree with the people on the same side of the argument as them about what’s on the other side of the door. So God knows how they feel about people who didn’t vote to go through the door pointing out that most of them don’t even seem to know what day it is.”