James Pinpoints Why Brexiteers Want To Shut Down Debate

19 April 2017, 13:43 | Updated: 19 April 2017, 13:47

Bendy bananas. Blue passports. James says these were points to make the EU look bad to sell an alternative that doesn't exist.

“What power do we have as a people if we're not going to have any say at all on the deal?”

This is the question James asked, the day after Theresa May called an election for June when she hopes to enhance the Conservative majority which she says will give her more power in Brexit negotiations.

“We've said yes or no, we said buy or sell, buy or not buy, before we know what it is.”

James called this a ‘penny drop’ moment, when he realised what the agreement to leave Europe had all been about.

“So you talk about bendy bananas and you talk nonsense about border control and pretend you don't know that actually the European Union gives you plenty of powers to stop people coming into the country if they don't have a sufficient amount of savings, or a job arranged, or a three month limit on how long they can look for work.

“You talk about getting our country back and passports and sovereignty and all this sort of nonsense.

“You make the European Union look rubbish, and then it doesn't matter what you're selling them. ‘Look, it's shiny!’

“It’s not even shiny, but it's not that. It's not got bendy bananas in the boot, it's going to have better bananas and blue passports. Buy it.”

James thinks the only sensible move would be for the country to have a say once negotiations have been completed.

“When you actually have the freedom to compare the two, when you've got the two packages, cars, projects right in front of you, 'look that's what you've got, that's what you're going to get', that's when you make the decision.”