James Shows Why Caller’s Plan To Ban Words Like Infidel Would Make Things Worse

Rajdeep in Twickenham said outlawing certain words would reduce the spread of terrorism.

He called for certain words, like infidel and kaffir, to be given a legal status similar to certain racist terms. He argued that these were specifically derogatory terms used to insult people who aren’t muslims.

James pointed out there’s a problem with defining insult: “Are we going to ban the word ‘atheist’?” he said.

“Atheist isn’t a derogatory term.”

“It is if you’re a fundamentalist Christian. It’s about the biggest insult you can throw at someone.”

James argued that atheist, sinner, hellbound are all words that could be thrown around by a Christian believer to insult a non-believer. Wouldn’t these have to be banned along with kafir and infidel? Rajdeep said he would ban them too.

“Well guess what,” James said, “there’s a place you can move to where words are actually banned on religious grounds. And it’s not Twickenham.”