James: UK No Longer Important In The World After Brexit, Are You Happy Now?

29 May 2017, 14:31 | Updated: 29 May 2017, 14:33

Britain no longer has a seat at the world's top table after Brexit, says James O'Brien, and yet no one will admit they were wrong.

German Chancellor Merkel said the EU could no longer "completely depend" on the US and UK following the election of President Trump and Brexit.

And that led James to worry that the New World Order has shifted - and Britain is not a part of it.

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: "Donald Trump is undermining NATO, whether it's deliberate or not, it doesn't matter, he just is.

"And Angela Merkel is explaining why they can no longer rely on their Western allies. This is the Western World Order that was built after the Second World War to prevent the Third World War. America's interests, Britain's interests, anybody interested in peace.

"And whose interests are we serving now? People not interested in peace. Namely Vladimir Putin.

"So you've got Russian stooges, unaccountable newspaper editors, vainglorious demagogues, useful idiots and fellow travellers. And you've got lemmings, who conspired to create a Britain and an America exactly as Vladimir Putin wants them to be. It's insane.

"At what point do you wake up?

"At what point do you realise that being Britain right now is looking kind of poor.

"What are these deals we're going to do? What are these alliances we're going to strike?

"The leader of Germany, and the de facto leader of the EU, has described the end of 70 years of coalition and alliance as effectively being over. And you still won't get anybody prominent in this country saying 'Sorry, this isn't what I thought was going to happen'."