James O'Brien's Reaction To Jamie Oliver Chain Going Into Administration

21 May 2019, 13:11

James O'Brien sends his sympathies to Jamie Oliver and the staff affected by the appointment of administrators to the celebrity chef's restaurant business.

The LBC presenter called today a "sad day" for Jamie Oliver and his staff, as news emerged of the appointment of administrators to the chef's UK restaurant chain.

James said: "It's very sad, not just of course for the one thousand people who could face unemployment as a result of this, but for customers as well.

"As a friend I send my sympathies and my support to the fellow, I really do."

Jamie Oliver's restaurant chain has appointed administrators
Jamie Oliver's restaurant chain has appointed administrators. Picture: Getty

James continued: "If you see him talking about his business, his mission, his passion for all of the things he cares most about.

"In fact the last time we spoke on this programme was when he just rang in because we were talking about school dinners, because he cares and that is worth recognising and worth calling out.

"Today is a sad day for Jamie Oliver, and a sad day for his staff."

In a letter to staff seen by LBC, Jamie Oliver said he was "devastated" by the need to appoint his "much-loved" restaurants into administration, saying the fate of Jamie's Italian, Fifteen London, and Barbecoa are now 'in the hands' of administrators.

"I would like to personally thank all of the UK restaurant staff, many of whom have put their hearts and souls into this business for a decade," Mr Oliver wrote.

"I appreciate how difficult this is for everyone affected."